• Where do you deliver and when will my food arrive?

    Our cookies, granola, teas, herbal coffee + gift bundles are shipped nationwide via UPS Ground. They arrive within 10 days (3-5 business days to prepare + another 1-5 days to ship).

    We currently deliver our meals + broths via courier service to business and residential addresses in the five boroughs of NYC, Westchester County + Jersey City. Not on our list? Give us a shout + we’ll see what we can do.

    Meals arrive between the hours of 4-9PM on Sundays + Tuesdays (10- and 15-meal plans) and just on Tuesdays (for our 3- and 5-meal plans) in insulated cooler bags.

    If you have ordered any add-ons from the Gifts + Grocery section with your meals, you will receive them in the same bag as your meals.

    For any Gifts + Grocery orders containing broths, your items will arrive via courier in 3-5 business days between the hours of 4-6 pm to the NYC-vicinity locations listed above. Not on our list? Give us a shout + we’ll see what we can do.

  • Do I need to be home to receive my deliveries?

    As long as we have access to your building (via doorman or public vestibule), you do not need to be home. Our bags will keep your meals cool until about 10PM, just unpack them + store in your fridge when you arrive home.

    If your building does not have access, shoot us an email + we’ll see what we can do to get your meals to you at a more convenient time.

  • Can you rush my delivery?

    We source from a lot of different suppliers to get you the highest quality of ingredients. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot rush the preparation time.

    In certain cases, for an extra fee, we may be able to rush your shipment. Just give us a shout + we’ll see what we can do!

  • Can I select my meals? Where do I make my selections?

    Absolutely! That is one of our customers’ favorite things about us.

    If you have never ordered from us before, you can start by viewing our meals + selecting your dishes here.

    If you have placed an order with us before (whether Gifts/Grocery/Meals or One Day Trial), please log in to your account to get started.

  • How long do I have to make my selections?

    Orders need to be placed by midnight Thursday for us to prepare them by the following Sunday (and/or Tuesday, depending on your plan).

    If you have ordered from us in the past, please log in to make your selections by midnight Thursday for delivery the following week.

    If you are a subscriber, and no changes have been made from the previous week, we will send you the same selections or substitute a chef’s selection.

  • Can you accommodate additional allergy requests?

    Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accommodate individual allergy requests. However, we strive to offer a range of products that cover all the major allergens. All of our food is made without wheat, soy, caffeine, peanuts + refined sugars.

  • Is your facility allergen-free?

    Our facility is not allergen-free. We do not use wheat, soy, peanuts, caffeine or refined-sugar in any of our dishes, but it is possible for cross-contamination to occur from other businesses in the facility.

  • How come you say all of your food is made without wheat, but not gluten?

    The majority of our dishes are prepared without gluten with the exception of options containing barley. (Fun fact: barley is the highest source of the milk-producing nutrient, beta-glucan, so we couldn’t do without it!)

    That said, we do not use certified gluten-free ingredients in all of our dishes (like our organic oats, for example), so they may contain trace amounts of gluten.

    For anyone with Celiac’s Disease or severe gluten-intolerance, we do not recommend our meals as there is potential for cross-contamination to occur.

  • What do you mean when you say you prepare your foods for "maximum digestibility?" Why is that important?

    When we can’t break down foods easily, we can’t absorb their nutrients as effectively. So we help to “pre-digest” foods that are good for us but difficult to break down by our bodies alone.

    We employ such measures such as soaking all grains + legumes, fermenting certain grains + nuts, par-boiling/steaming cruciferous vegetables + adding digestive spices/herbs.

    In addition, pregnant moms typically have a rough time with digestive issues, so we do what we can to ease their discomfort. Also, digestive distress has long been hypothesized to be a big contributor to colic, so if mom’s foods are well digested, her breast milk will be easier on baby’s system.

  • Will I see an increase in my milk supply from your meal program?

    The menus we’ve designed incorporate time honored ingredients and preparations for an abundant and nutrient-dense supply with every intention to have them provide you as much benefit as they have to women of the past. However, every woman’s body and health is different and may respond differently to different foods. Sometimes underlying physiological issues exist that go beyond diet in affecting supply. While we hope and believe our program will be of benefit to you in your nursing journey, we cannot make promised health claims and ask that you consult your doctor or lactation specialist if you are having trouble producing milk.

  • Is the service only for moms?

    Absolutely not. Our meals were designed to support female-health and endocrine function. Our Nutrition + Glossary section has an amazing tool that let’s you browse through our nutrients of focus and see what exactly they do throughout the phases of womanhood, from female health, to fertility, to pregnancy, fetal development, postpartum recovery + breastfeeding. Our Benefits page condenses these to a summary which is easy to skim.

    We do offer a Nutritionist’s Pick menu (under our 15-meal/week complete plan) that was designed to fulfill the nutritional requirements of pregnancy + breastfeeding. The calories in this plan may be a little high for non-pregnant or non-nursing moms so we would simply recommend choosing a smaller weekly plan and selecting the dishes that suit you from a nutrient and calorie perspective.

  • What do I do with the cooler bags and ice packs in my delivery?

    We love the planet and would love for you hang them on your door before your next delivery and our drivers will collect them back. Didn’t remember or don’t have a next delivery? No worries, wear them around town mama!

  • Is you program organic? What about local? Non-GMO?

    We believe in researching our suppliers and choosing the best quality for you and the planet. We never compromise on quality, nutrient content or food safety. Our animal proteins are ALWAYS grass-fed and organic. Our fish is wild caught and always low mercury. We use certified organic, non-GMO ingredients as much as we can (about 95% of the time) and offer full transparency on our labels to what is and is not certified. And although we’re not 100% local in proximity, we source locally or from small, sustainable farms whenever possible. Because we are constantly tweaking recipes to include seasonal components, we don’t list every ingredient on the labels but if you would like a full list please reach out to us and we would be happy to share.

    In addition to being organic, all of our spices are non-irradiated and ground from whole spices in a stainless steel container (so no plastic residue is ground in with the spice).

  • Do you offer vegan options?

    Yes, several of our dishes are vegan.

  • Do you offer dairy-free options?

    Yes, the majority of our dishes are dairy-free. Be sure to check the dairy-free milk icon at the top of the Meals page to sort to dairy-free options.

  • Will your meals help me lose the baby weight?

    Nutrition and not weight-loss is the goal of our programs, although weightloss + certainly health weight maintenance are often a result.* Especially in the postpartum, it’s important that a mother focus on nutrient versus caloric density. Eating frequent, healthy, whole food based meals and snacks that contribute vital micronutrients to your supply is extremely important for maintaining production. When eating this type of diet, one of the side effects is typically healthy weight loss but that’s not always the case, and that’s okay. Losing weight too fast in the postpartum, can result in a large release of toxins into your system and your milk. If you stick to whole foods, eat small meals and snacks throughout the day, avoid excess sugars, refined carbohydrates and large late night meals, the baby weight should come off at a steady, healthy pace. Remember, it took nine months to gain, so be patient in seeing it go.

    *Because we offer a variety of programs and lengths, this is largely dependent on your diet and lifestyle outside of the program.

  • What if I am taking medications or have other health-complications?

    Please consult with your healthcare provider before starting any of our programs if the above is of concern.

  • Where is the food prepared?

    Our food is prepared out of the state-of-the-art Brooklyn FoodWorks facility at 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11029.

  • Do you offer kosher meals?

    Unfortunately, because we are produced in a commercial kitchen that is not kosher, we cannot offer kosher meals.


  • Can I give Barley + Oats to someone as a gift?

    Barley + Oats makes an excellent gift. We offer gift card options in multiple denominations that can be used towards meals or snacks on our website.

    The flexibility is great, as it allows your recipient to choose which plan and amount of meals is right for them, and they can select their dishes too!

  • Can I try Barley+Oats before I buy?

    Sure can! We offer a chef’s selected One Day Trial at a discounted price so you can try our meals before making the commitment. And we we say commit, we don’t mean totally, we offer both a la carte and subscription options, so you’re never locked in when you don’t want to be.

  • Can I pause or cancel the service?

    Anytime! For subscription plan members, pausing or cancelling is super easy. Log in to your account and select which you prefer. Recurring billing happens every Friday, so please try to let us know by midnight Thursday if you’re looking for a break.

    Missed the cutoff? Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

    For non-subscription members looking to cancel a single-time order, please contact us here.

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