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At Barley + Oats, we’re here to help females meet their unique nutritional requirements through their childbearing years.

Diet plans can actually do us a disservice, by depriving us of essential nutrients. That’s why we’ve developed special nutritionist-designed criteria to help our minds, bodies + babies get exactly what they need. For non-mamas, there are nutritional standards for female health to help with hormone function, better digestion + clearer skin. And for mothers, there are certain micronutrients and macronutrients that facilitate maternal health, recovery + our baby’s development.

We start by identifying the nutrients that have specific functions for female health, fertility, pregnancy, fetal development + breastfeeding support. Next, we source the very best whole foods to get each of these nutrients into your diet. Then, it’s all about mixing + measuring the perfect amount of these nutrient-dense foods to create our superb meals. And making fun snacks and beverages for each motherhood stage, with ingredients that have the power to do things like rev libido, relieve nausea + promote lactation.

All these uber-convenient, naturally delicious and functionally nutritious products—that’s what we call “Motherfood.”

Our Food


Functional to the Fullest

From B6-loaded legumes for fertility to beta-glucan-packed barley for breastfeeding, all of our meals + snacks are built around powerful micronutrients that possess specific functions for female health, fertility, pregnancy + breastfeeding. To meet our strict nutritional standards, every calorie must serve a beneficial purpose. That means, we’ve got no room for nutritionally void foods like refined sugar, foods that commonly trigger colic and allergy like wheat, or potential endocrine disruptors like caffeine and soy.

Down to a Science

A lot of businesses call themselves “healthy,” but few offer the evidence. In fact, that’s one of the troubles our founder Ashly encountered that inspired her to start Barley + Oats. That’s why we publish extended nutrition panels, a guide + even nutrient spotlights on all our packaging. That’s why we’ve collaborated with a registered dietician to provide a Nutritionist’s Pick menuso you can literally push a button and get 100% of your RDA delivered for the week. That’s why tremendous experts work with us + why we have the confidence to guarantee you won’t find another meal delivery service or pre-packaged cooked food with greater nutritional transparency or higher quantities of nutrients.

Clean as can be

As guardians of your baby’s and your health, we would never dream of serving you anything we wouldn’t feed our own families. That means you can expect nothing but the finest ingredients—from quality sources—prepared in the most digestible ways, for maximum nutrient absorption and minimum digestive distress.


  • 100% fresh whole foods, mainly from plants
  • Organic dairy, organic + grass-fed meats and organic + pastured eggs
  • Low-mercury, sustainably caught seafood
  • Organic + non-irradiated spices
  • Organic nuts, seeds, grains, flours, oils + fats


  • Anything unsafe for mom or baby
  • Preservatives, fillers, nitrates, synthetics, chemicals or processed foods
  • Artificial colorings, flavorings, sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup
  • Shortenings, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils
  • GMOs
  • Any non-organic produce on the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list
  • Caffeine, soy or wheat

Fun Foods, Seriously Delicious

Just because you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or simply minding your health, you shouldn’t accept feeling deprived. Good-for-you food can taste just as good—or, in our case, better—than less nutritious food because you can taste every premium ingredient. From truffle-infused risotto to banana butter cookies to bagels + cream cheese(!), we consider nothing off-limits. In fact, we get a kick out of inventing nutritious ways for you to enjoy the comfort foods you crave.

Anything but Routine

Call us nutritious, but “diet food” we are not. Our rigorous RDA requirements and “healthy meets homestyle” approach challenge us everyday to experiment with a variety of techniques, global cuisines + hard-to-find ingredients. So you will never catch us offering just different versions of the same grilled chicken or fish, rice + veggie formula. And, while you might be used to shoveling down your greens with some of those other health food brands, here, you’ll be surprised how delicious—and digestible—those things (like veggies and legumes) you’re used to seeing “on the side” can be when they’re treated like the MVP of the plate. We know how to bring out the best in these beauties with a good steam bath or pre-soak and transform them into luscious, flavorful mains you’ll actually savor.

A "Labor" of Love

We don’t take shortcuts. Our digestive preparations, nutritional commitment + comforting, homestyle recipes take time. It takes us months of recipe development and testing to launch a new dish. We’ve even gone the extra mile in our Gifts + Grocery section, offering homemade teas, herbal coffees, granola from scratch + soothing bone broths. Because you’re trusting us to provide the nourishment you need to conceive, support your child’s developing brain, maintain a pregnancy + recover after delivery, this isn’t the type of food you just “whip up.” It’s a big responsibility, and one we’re grateful for. That’s why we put all that we have into everything we do.

Note from

Our head Chef

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As an expecting new mama, I couldn’t be happier to bring my skills to Barley + Oats. It’s so exciting to lead a kitchen that is focused on nutrition for maternity and female health at this time in my life. You wouldn’t believe the cravings and aversions I’ve had to contend with throughout this journey, so you could say I’m in a unique position to know what our customers want!

My work at Barley + Oats is the ideal intersection of personal and professional interests. I get to cook with the cleanest, most quality ingredients, innovate to make homestyle recipes rigorously nutritious, and serve some of the most delicious dishes I’ve ever made. It’s about time there was a meal delivery solution for us mamas, and I’m grateful to be aboard.

—Alfia Muzio

A New York native, Alfia Muzio has had a lifelong interest in food + nutrition. After beginning her career as an attorney, she traded in her desk for a stove and enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, NY. After earning her diploma in Culinary Arts, she began cooking at New York’s famed Prune restaurant with Chef Gabrielle Hamilton. There, she honed her food philosophy with Hamilton, cooking satisfying meals that fill both bellies + souls and further developed her aesthetic at Marlow & Sons and Diner, where she focused on fresh + sustainable cooking using local + organic ingredients. She’s written for Bon Appetit and Food and Wine magazines and worked as a caterer + private chef. Alfia earned her B.A. from Columbia University and is admitted to the Bar in New York.

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